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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Day Forty-five

Went on my fairly usual off-road loop today. It was chilly but mainly dry, just as dry as summer. So, why did my chain pick today to jam and snap? Arse - never mind, fixed it up with my cheapo chain tool from Carrefour (the best Ive ever had).

I've got a new wheel winging it's way to me too. My 10 year old rear hub needs replacing so, I managed to pick up HOPE PRO II built with a decent rim for a good price via Sinletrackworld. Only problem is that it's blue, I'll have to get a new front one sometime so they match.

You may have noticed Ive updated the last week or so of blog in one go, just reflects my bike riding this week has been dull and just done in between other things.

Day forty-four

Just a spin into work and back today.

It's gone very very cold.

Day forty-three

Went "walking" in Orduna so only had time for a blast round the block before setting off.

Day forty-two

Saturday - hurrah. Went for a decent mountain bike ride alon the coast to give my new forks a decent test.
I'm impressed with them, no clunking, quick rebound, not noticeably heavier, well worth the money.

Day Forty-one

Busy today, writing exams so only rode into work and back (twice)

Day Forty

Hurrah - got my mountain bike back today. Only had time for a quick play on it before work though.

Day thirty-nine

Didnt expect my mtb to be ready so went for a proper spin to the coast on the road bike.